Philip Weigall - The Call of the River

Viking £18.77
ISBN 0-670-04065-7

Philip Weigall is well known in the Antipodes as a fly fishing writer, instructor and guide. Waterlog readers are most likely to have come across his work in the excellent Flyfisher’s Annual, but in the past we have given an enthusiastic review to his book, The River Behind the Hill. Philip can also be seen from time to time on Rex Hunt’s fishing shows, if you have satellite TV (Waterlog will shortly be offering a split-cane satellite dish, by the way, so watch the small ads). The other thing which drew my eye to this book was the fact that it is illustrated by Trevor Hawkins, who must be one of Australia’s more talented vignettists.

This is a varied book, which tells of fishing all over Australia and New Zealand. Although it is a diverting read, it might also be worth considering if you are planning a trip to Oz, because Call of the River gives an excellent idea of what fishing is like in the region, without the gloss that the magazines always put on showcase guided trips. This is proper fishing, out in the back country of the unimaginably broad wilderness of the Southern continent.