Phil Smith and Stef Horak - Magic Moments

Published by the authors £21.95

No sooner do we bemoan the lack of coarse fishing books than one turns up! Magic Moments is fairly typical of works of its kind in that something has gone badly wrong with the colour registration, but it is an unselfconscious collection of tales about specimen hunting written by a couple of nice blokes with a little help from their friends. Just about every species gets some space – and there are photies galore, including some belting barbel and some hefty catfish from Kazakhstan, all of which comfortably cross the hundred pound mark. After that, an 8 pound chub is an anticlimax. As the authors say on the back cover, the book is ‘not intended to instruct but the reader will no doubt see situations that they can relate to and then apply them to their own water’. And in the final analysis, you can’t say fairer than that.