Rob Sloane (ed) - Short Casts

FlyLife Publishing paperback $24.95 hardback $49.95
Pbk ISBN 0-9587294-4-1 Hbk ISBN 0-9587294-5-X

If you want to read something a little different, try this selection of short stories from the Tasmania-based magazine, FlyLife. It might be a little difficult to get from European or US booksellers, but the publishers offer the choice of purchasing direct from their website and given the way the exchange rate is going at the moment, the hardback is definitely worth a punt.

Short Casts is the section of the magazine where all the stuff which doesn’t fit in anywhere else is published and the contents vary from the hilarious to a fairly straightforward tale of how to behave when a possum attacks when you are night fishing. Few of the stories are by professional writers, so most of it ain’t literature, but I promise Short Casts will keep you amused.