Hugh Sheringham and John Moore - The Book of the Fly-Rod

Eyre & Spottiswoode 1931

First published as a limited edition in 1931, The Book of the Fly-Rod had a chequered history, but it has been a favourite ever since. Poor old Hugh Sheringham was dying of cancer when he signed the contract and he did not live to see the book published. The book was co-edited and finished by John Moore, a young writer and keen fisherman, who got off to an appalling start when he managed to lose G. E. M. Skues’ contribution (later handed in by a tramp, prompting Sheringham to write to Moore proposing a fine to be taken from the latter’s royalties). Despite this particular adventure, it wouldn’t really have mattered if Skues’ manuscript had been lost, because among the other contributors to The Book of the Fly-Rod were Arthur Ransome, William Radcliffe, Arthur Gilbey and Harry Plunket Greene. Sheringham had been angling editor of The Field for nearly thirty years and he knew everybody.

The most recent edition of which I am aware is the Fly Fisher's Classic Library reprint of 2002, but the 1936 trade edition is worth considering because it isn't very expensive.