If Fish Could Scream

Paul Schullery - If Fish Could Scream

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ISBN 978-0-8117-0435-9

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If Fish Could Scream has three things going for it: it is written by Paul Schullery, one of America’s most thoughtful fishermen; it is dedicated to Ken Cameron, who wrote for Waterlog for many years; and it is the sort of book that stays with you long after you have put it down. Being written by an American, the book is mainly about fly fishing, but some of the points it makes apply to all types of angling and it is the sort of book you can learn a lot from, be it about the ‘angling uncles’, the impact of travel on fishing, or the angst that the unstoppable rise of spinning caused among the major trout fishing organizations (there is an uncomfortable parallel here with the ‘one voice for angling’ debate going on in the UK right now). Paul has a broader perspective than most angling writers, having lived near and worked in Yellowstone for many years and if you want to make an acquaintance with an angler who can think outside the box, If Fish Could Scream is a great place to start.