Salmon Flies of Major Traherne

Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils - The Salmon Flies of Major John Popkin Traherne

The Complete Sportsman

If you possess either or both of the Rare and Unusual volumes, or Forgotten Flies, this is the book that completes the set, but it is the hardest of all the Complete Sportsman publications to find, because it was published as a limited edition of 300 back in 1993 and it rarely comes up for sale. Bought complete, it should have a matching slip-case.

This book is very different to the later volumes from the Complete Sportsman, chiefly because it is possible to pick it up with one hand, but despite being a much smaller package, the presentation is very fine. What you get is a brief biography of Traherne by David Zincavage (this omits his affair with a 21 year old that was the main reason why he ended up having to go fishing so much) and then lists 27 of his salmon flies, each pattern having a full page illustration and at least a couple of pages of accompanying text. If you are a Traherne fan, you want this, because it remains the definitive text on the subject.