David Phillips - The River Nene From Source to Sea

Silverlink Publishing £19.95
ISBN 1-85895-135-X

It was Arthur Ransome, I think, who defined a fisherman as someone who couldn’t pass a bridge without stopping to lean over the parapet and enjoy the river running below. But there are too many bridges, and too many rivers for one lifetime’s looking. In my opinion, every river should have a book written about it. Few get the chance. At first glance, the Nene seems an odd choice, but David Phillips’ passion for the water, its people, places and its history communicates itself very well. This isn’t a book about fishing, although there is fishing in it, and the text meanders slowly down to the sea in tune with the habit of its subject. The layout is slightly odd, with random crossheads more suited to a magazine than a book, but if you have any interest in the Nene, or the places it flows through, it is worth a read.



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