Peter O’Reilly - Flyfishing in Ireland

Merlin Unwin Books £16
ISBN 187367435X

Peter O’Reilly is game fishing advisor to the Central Fisheries Board, and is a well-known name in Irish fly fishing. His latest work runs to 192 pages and is lavishly illustrated in colour. Chapter titles like ‘Choosing the Right Tackle for Ireland’s Rivers and Loughs’ will give you an idea of the intended audience for this book; it is aimed at beginners and although there is some learning for everyone here, don’t buy it thinking that you are going to be let into the secrets of a lifetime’s fishing in the Emerald Isle, because you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you are new to fly fishing, or if you have a little experience, but have never been to Ireland before, it is hardly possible to recommend this book too much. There is much good advice on tackle and tactics, as well as fly dressing, but the best thing about Peter’s writing is that it really does make me want to go out fishing. If you enjoy Flyfishing in Ireland and you are planning a trip, it would be well worthwhile buying Peter’s companion texts, Loughs of Ireland and Rivers of Ireland, – the only other thing you would need after that is a road map.

This book is now out of print - I have noticed that it has been advertised for crazy prices on Amazon and eBay. Please do bear in mind that there are a lot of copies out there and that it shouldn't be fetching much more than its original cover price.