Bob Moss - The Third Breaker: Fishing around the shores of the Dingle Peninsula

Kingdom Printers
ISBN 978-0954046644

Dingle is one of those wonderful places where everything just went right when nature was putting the land and seascape together. Just being there does you good, but the best news is that you can fish there too. And can you fish! This part of the south-west of Ireland gives you endless sandy strands, with wild skies and pounding surf and just about your heart's content if you get the conditions right. There are the sort of bass that we all dream of, and mullet, and flounders, thornbacks, bullhuss, plaice, turbot, dabs, black sole, pollack, coalfish, wrasse, conger and even small sharks. I once spent a day further up the coast catching mackerel on a light spinning rod and it was real blast - when we got bored we ledgered and took gurnard, more mackerel and even a few pipefish. And then again, the sea is so clean that you can catch prawns if you know how, and find cockles and mussels and eat them without risk of death. So do not doubt that Dingle has fish; though why I cannot imagine, since they have been trawled out everywhere else, but for now they can still be found in this magic place.

The Third Breaker is full of practical advice about how to fish, where to fish and what tackle to use, written by an author who can claim to be an expert on the subject. Read this book, then stuff it in your bag and take the family down to Dingle for a fortnight; there is plenty for the kids to do and if you take Bob's advice, you will travel light, cast into the near surf and have a holiday you will never forget.

This book was reprinted in 2007 and that edition is out of print too.



Out of print