The Ocean Life of the Atlantic Salmon

Derek Mills (ed) - The Ocean Life of the Atlantic Salmon

Fishing News Books £135.00
ISBN 0-85238-271-5

If this wasn’t the published proceedings of a scientific conference, one would call it a thundering good read. As it is, this book is as good a summary of the environmental and biological factors influencing Atlantic salmon survival as one is going to get and it should be read by anyone with an interest in salmon who has the appropriate background in life sciences. Bed-time reading it is not, unless you are particularly fascinated by long-term planktonic variations and the climate of the North Atlantic, but if you are interested in the science which underlies the future survival of the salmon, this book makes a good companion to Derek Mills ‘Ecology and Management of Atlantic Salmon’ published by Chapman Hall.

The price is about par for the course for proceedings of scientific meetings, which by definition have limited circulations.