The Angling Bug

John Martin - The Angling Bug!

A Square One Publication £6.50
ISBN 1 899955 45-3

Well up to the standard of the angling poetry that we are used to receiving at the Waterlog office, The Angling Bug! is subtitled 'Spilled from a Countryman's Heart.' Perhaps the best way of giving you a flavour of the contents of this slim paperback is to share one of John's poems with you. I have chosen 'The Mystery of Redmire Pool'.

There is a pool of legends near the town of Ross on Wye
My dream is to fish there some time before I die
Richard Walker made history in nineteen fifty-two
With the capture of Clarissa, transferred to London Zoo
A forty-four pound Common Carp, caught at its prime
Was entered into the record books, a monster for the time
The pool was named Redmire - just a disguise
To keep this famous water away from prying eyes
Location was top secret, known only to a few
The real name is Bernithan Pool - you can believe me - it's true!



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