James Lees and Walter Clutterbuck - Three in Norway

Longmans c. 1882

Three in Norway is a second-rank angling classic, a kind of poor man’s Wild Norway, if you have read any Abel Chapman. The book was first published in 1882, at a time when Norway had become almost a home from home for British sportsmen who had tired of the high prices commanded by salmon fishing in the UK and set out to find something better. The country was ripe for exploitation, given that the Norwegians rarely caught salmon apart from in nets, but they rapidly got over their bemusement at the idea that rod and line fishers were prepared to pay to catch salmon and rents shot up rapidly. The three friends in this book didn’t have the sort of budget that stretched to the Namsen or the Aaro, so they set off on a shooting, fishing and camping holiday instead and this light-hearted account was the result - it sold well going to six editions by 1912 and inspired Jerome K. Jerome to write Three Men in a Boat.

The Flyfishers’ Classic Library published a very small edition a few years ago.