Karl and Lesley Lane - African Fly-fishing Safari

Struik Publishers R220.00
ISBN 1-86872 840 4

Of course, we’d heard of the upper Zambesi yellowfish, say the authors, on page 9, and four pages later, my appetite had been well and truly wetted, as they negotiated rapids, dodged crocs and fished as fine as they dared. I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but coffee-table photography is generally associated with bloody great fish and I nearly choked when I realised that small yellowfish run dace a close second on looks and size. Tiger fish are somewhat larger and toothier; and the cats run up to 60 kilos, with some of them packing electric current; and then there are barbel – assuming you don’t get killed by a hippo while you are trying to catch them. Hippos run up to three tonnes and don’t take a fly well. Books like this often disappoint, but once I had read about snoek and skippy and kingfish I had developed a yen to go and see it for myself, because despite the naff title, this is a book worth getting hold of should you want to fish in Africa. Well written, with even better illustrations, but it seems to be out of print now.