Longer Fly Casting

Lefty Kreh - Longer Fly Casting

B. T. Batsford Ltd
ISBN 0-7134-7097-6

I remember a conversation where a beginner asked how far it was necessary to cast. This was a good one and it stumped the assembled company, until a bright spark replied, 'About as far as the fish are away from you.' I often think about that one-liner, mainly because the fish are often just a little bit further away than I would like them to be, and like all fishermen, I have a yen to be able to add a few more yards onto my range. This is the book which will tell you how to do exactly that, and while Lefty Kreh's method is a far cry from the classic 'ten-to-two' style, it delivers the goods. Nicely illustrated with line drawings, concise and worth a read.

The edition reviewed was a hardback, but the book was reprinted as a paperback in 2006. The original run was split between The Lyons Press and Batsford. Good book, appears to be out of print - someone ought to rescue it.