Jens Hansen and Goran Cederberg - The Complete Book of Spinning and Baitcasting

Swan Hill Press £19.95
ISBN 1 84037 0807

The title is something of an understatement, as Hansen and Cederberg cover everything from the history of spinning to developments only seen in the last few years (although for some reason I couldn't find the Banjo Minnow, but this was doubtless an oversight.) This enormous and profusely illustrated book has sections on rods, reels, lines, knots, swivels, snaps, rings, hooks, landing equipment, casting, spoons, spinners, pirks, plugs, jerkbaits, jigs, worms, larvae, crustaceans and cephalopods, squids, eggs, roe, pork rind, attractor oils, you name it, it is in there.

There are two extensive chapters on techniques for fresh and saltwater species, and on the whole I am very much inclined to believe that (with the exception of the Banjo Minnow) if it isn't in here, it doesn't exist.

An excellent book for beginners and occasional spin fishermen.



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