The Trout Fly Patterns

John Goddard - The Trout Fly Patterns of John Goddard

Merlin Unwin Books £25.00
ISBN 1-873674-75-9

Yip. Its another book of fly patterns, this time from John Goddard, who has being designing flies for forty years and is still going strong. It is hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t fished at least one Goddard pattern, because the man is undeniably ingenious and has designed some good flies in his time, though I was surprised to see that a couple of his USD patterns appear in here, despite the author’s admission that they were never very popular, because they were so hard to tie. The simplified USD’s Goddard presents show why he has become so well known; the man doesn’t give up easily!

There are plenty of really classic flies in here, ranging from the Goddard Smut to the Suspender Midge Pupa and reading the book bought back many happy memories of fish I might never have caught otherwise. Illustrated with line drawings, but with a section of colour plates. Thanks, John.



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