Fly Fishing in Herriot Country

Bob Dales - Fly Fishing in Herriot Country

Medlar Press Hardback £20.00
ISBN: 1-899600-35-3

Now then. You don’t get to read much about fly fishing in this part of ‘t world, mostly because fishermen are out fishing and not writing about it, or collecting stories about it, not like that soft southern lot ‘oo write for ‘t Field and owt like that as long as it pays good brass. I had to be learned to fish all ower again in places our Bob writes about, so I should know, and after a right clart on about monks fishing and about this and about that, ‘e goes on and tells a tale about a chap called Charlie and the people ‘e meets and suchlike and reet at the end, you even get some ‘ints about sort of flies they use and that sort 'o style. There's plenty of good crack in 'ere and reet good, it is.