Lesley Crawford - Scotland's Classic Trout Waters

Swan Hill Press £24.95
ISBN 1-84037-092-0

The focus here is on 'good quality wild trout,' and unlike many authors, Crawford doesn't shy away from pointing out the hazards which face them, not least the number of anglers in hot pursuit of any river with decent fishing. The waters she includes have been carefully selected, so you can rest assured that they all provide a unique fishing experience. The section on the law on trout angling in lochs and rivers is particularly informative, and anyone new to Scottish waters would do well to read it, although Lesley's Caithness address may account for why she is so hard on riparian owners where trout angling is concerned.

While the fisheries are all worth a visit, some are more rewarding than others and you should read the relevant chapter carefully before you plan a trip. Loch Garry, for example, is fabulously dour, and while it has given up some enormous ferox in the past, you might have to make several visits before you came away with a decent bag today. On the other hand, the Assynt lochs are beyond comparison, and I have had some of the most enjoyable fishing I can ever remember in this area - albeit after some fairly hard walking. But, sat in the heather with a sandwich in one hand a flask in the other, many anglers will thank Lesley for writing this book. She has highlighted some special places and even if you never visit them, at least you can read about them.