David Churchill - Fishing Forever

Merlin Unwin Books £5.99
ISBN 1873674406

David Churchill has been fishing the upper Thames and Bristol Avon for long enough to be able to remember what it was like to fish when everything was tinted sepia. In those days all grown-ups were so old that they wore frock coats and had fob watches and kids went fishing in a parallel space-time warp - or so it seemed at the time. The author has drawn on his childhood angling experiences to produce a story book for teenagers, a rare thing, these days, and a brave experiment by the publisher, possibly too brave. This collection of tales about Dave and Ken sees the boys fish for everything from gudgeon to pike, and in between breathless accounts of derring-do, manages to squeeze in some sound advice on tackle and tactics. Worth a punt, if you have a young relative who needs encouraging.

Now out of print.