Sheridan Cain and Tanya Lynch - Look Out for the Big Bad Fish

Little Tiger Press £4.99
ISBN 978-1854305732

A heart-warming tale for fishermen of all ages, although perhaps not entirely suitable for tadpoles of a nervous disposition, Look Out for the Big Bad Fish is a story with intense narrative drive and an ingenious twist at the end that will leave you gasping like a roach on a sunbed.

Without giving too much away, Look Out tells the story of Tadpole, who asks his mother when he will be able to jump as high as she can. Not getting an entirely satisfactory response, he sets off into the wide world of the pond to get a second, third and fourth opinion from Lamb, Wabbit and Grasshopper. The one creature his mother does tell him to avoid at all costs is the Big Bad Fish, and as luck would have it, who does Tadpole bump into at the very end of the story? A big multi-coloured thing with enormous rubbery lips that looks like the transgenic chub of your nightmares, that's what. To gasps from the audience (children under the age of five not being too critical of artists' conceptions of chub) the tadpole escapes just in time, making a heroic leap, possible only because he has turned into a frog without noticing it.

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