Fishing Giants

Robert Boyle - Fishing Giants and Other Men of Derring-do

The Lyons Press £14.31
ISBN 1-58574-423-9

Interesting idea this. Fishing attracts its share of eccentrics, as a glance around the Waterlog office confirms. So why not write a book about them? No problem, but with so much choice, who do you write about? Vladimir Nabokov? James Joyce? They fished? They surely did. So they are in there, in company with such luminaries as Jack Gartside (a Boston cabbie who ties flies on a vice clamped to his steering wheel), Zane Grey, Lefty Kreh and Waterlog’s own John Betts. There are a slew of others I haven’t heard of, ranging from Joe DeFalco, a man who entertains thousands by dressing deer on stage – no jesting – to Chanler Chapman, widely regarded as the most eccentric man in America. From the sound of it, he is up against some stiff competition.

Can you resist the amazingly silly title? No, I thought not.

Out of print, but worth hunting down.