Robin Armstrong - Dartmoor River

Halsgrove 2002
ISBN 1 84114 202 6

I can’t say I have read many fishing books which have a foreword by Angela Rippon, but then again, Robin Armstrong has had a pretty varied career and I can’t think of many river wardens who have published six books and appeared on the telly. Robin was introduced to Dartmoor by Ewan Clarkson in the late sixties and has stayed there more or less ever since, drawing, painting and (from 1977) river keeping. Some readers will know him for his earlier game fishing books, the best of which is the utterly delightful Split Cane and Sable, but this one is a somewhat ragbag portfolio of Dartmoor sketches and paintings, together with the story of Robin's time there and it covers a lot of ground. As one might expect, the subject matter is pleasing, but it isn’t the best book the author has ever done and some of the subject matter has appeared elsewhere. Out of print.