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You have just found the Net's largest collection of reviews of fishing books - but why does it exist?

The irony of this world where too many books on fishing have been published for anyone to count them all is that it is very hard for readers to sort the good from the bad and the ugly. Only a small fraction of the books that get into print end up being reviewed, chiefly because few magazines run regular review pages and so some major titles slip through the net, never mind the small fry.

So what we have done here is to create a central resource for fishing book reviews - and nothing but reviews. We have uploaded just about every single book review ever printed in Waterlog magazine, which amounts to about 300 or so, but this site isn't static and we will review new books on request and post the reviews here so that anyone can read them, not just Waterlog subscribers.

In the long term, the aim is for the site to become the first port of call for news and reviews about fishing books and before you ask, it will be free, although we will gladly take advertising to pay for it. The Medlar Press is our main sponsor right now, which makes a deal of sense, since they are Britain's largest publisher of books on fishing, but we are open to offers.

Prices on most of the existing reviews are in UK pounds, but in future prices will be given in dollars for US publications. All details were correct at the time that the review was written - bear in mind that in some cases, that was a dozen years ago and where reviews are not dated, they were written between 1995 and 2010. Can publishers please notify me if we have listed a book as out of print when it is not?

If you are a publisher and would like to see your book reviewed here, please visit the about us page and drop me an email. I have fished for just about everything just about everywhere and I have published half a dozen books of my own, so I there isn't much that I am not qualified to take on. In the future we will almost certainly take on guest reviewers, but it will be by invitation only.

Readers can get going by clicking the book reviews link up there in the menu bar. Enjoy.

Andrew Herd


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